A little preview of a dual extrusion print on the FlashForge Creator Pro, the newest addition to the family.

If you are looking for a new 3D printer, I would highly recommend the Flashforge Creator Pro.

It’s reliable and affordable. And technical support is available from Flashforge or from us here at Mēkā.

The Flashforge Creator Pro is available at $1599 at The 3D Printing Materials Store

Congratulations Yihong, Winner of the August 3D Printing Filament Giveaway!

Congratulations to Kok Yihong, the winner of the August Filament Giveaway! 

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the 3D Printed Video goggles from AdaFruit

Ever wanted your own Oculus Rift Headset but couldn’t bear to get it? Here is your DIY solution. 

Using Proftweak

A few weeks ago, we introduced an amazing application called Proftweak that one could use to gain more control over the settings in Makerware. 

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Fresh CAD Friday makes a comeback! -At The Movies

Custom fabrication has seen many applications in the movie industry. Industrial Light and Magic, the hardworking crew that brought together the Star Wars franchise has been using cutting edge technology to provide us with the best movie experience. 

3D Printing now gives us a chance recreate some of the most iconic props from our favourite movies. 

Here is a few of our favourites from Thingiverse. 

Man of Steel Logo

The new Superman has paved the way for a new breed of fanboys. Many 

Wearable Iron Man Arc Reactor

The Iron Man suit is powered by an Arc Reactor embedded in Tony Stark’s chest. You can now recreate your own Arc Reactor (without the power generating components).

AT-ST Scout Walker from Star Wars

The AT-ST Scout Walker has been a favourite collectible among Star Wars fanboys since the beginning of the franchise. 

Cane with Alien Head

For the science fiction buffs, Alien represents one of the best movies ever to be made. And most of the early fans of Alien, which was made in 1979, may already require a walking cane. Grab the designs and 3D Print your own Alien Cane top.